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Russian-Language Video Service Now Available in America, Canada, and England

7. December 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Want to learn Russian by watching movies filmed in the language? Have a Ukrainian wife or girlfriend who misses the shows from her home? Then here’s some exciting news: Ukrainian online video service Megogo.net has expanded its service to include viewers outside the FSU. Folks in Canada, America, and England can now subscribe to the service and stream Russian-language programming from the comfort of their home, thousands of miles from the nearest Russian-speaking country.

“The Internet breaks down borders and we plan on becoming the largest online cinema for Russian speakers in the world,” CEO Vladimir Borovik said in a statement. “It's a massive market – based on our estimates, some 300 million people across the world understand Russian.”

Megogo.net is also expanding its service to include Israel, Brazil, and Germany. The Kiev-based company currently offers over 5,000 hours of movies, documentaries, cartoons, and television shows, though it plans to greatly expand its library next year.


Other options for Russian film lovers include include Mosfilm Cinema and the Mosfilm YouTube page.