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Russian Missile Lights Up Norwegian Sky

11. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

As the 1990s paranormal TV show The X Files used to say, “the truth is out there.”


And the truth is it wasn’t aliens – it was just the Russians.


Residents of Norway were treated to a bizarre and somewhat frightening display of lights in the early morning  sky this week that made some wonder if extraterrestrial beings were making their presence known. Though it turns out the spectacular spiraling light was the result of a Russian missile test gone awry.


A Russian military submarine test-fired the nuclear-capable Bulava missile just before dawn Wednesday in the White Sea. Something went wrong when the missile entered the Earth’s upper atmosphere, resulting in the other-worldly light spiral, according to Russian defense officials.


It was the 12th such test launch of the missile and the 7th time such a test has ended in failure. Defense officials added that the failure was considered a major embarrassment for Russia’s military.


The Norwegian Meteorological Institute reportedly received hundreds of calls about the sighting from confused and frightened residents, who watched the strange light show in awe as it lasted for several minutes.


Watch this report about the incident from Russia Today: