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Russian Pancakes: A Staple of Traditional Cuisine

8. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

To you they might be pancakes, but your Russian lady might call them blintzes.

These traditional Russian delights are perhaps considered to be an older relative of your modern day flapjacks. Still served widely throughout Russia and Europe, these thin breaded cakes are a staple of traditional Russian and Ukrainian cuisine.

Dozens of varieties of these tasty morsels are served in Russia, though the main ingredients – wheat flower, milk and eggs – remain largely the same regardless of the region. Known in Russian as “blin” or “blini,” traditional Russian blintzes consist of yeasted batter mixed with water or milk, which is baked in a traditional Russian oven. In modern times, however, blintzes are often pan-fried in the same manner as pancakes or crepes.

They may be smeared with butter, sour cream, jam, honey, or other assorted toppings. Salmon and caviar are also sometimes smeared on blintzes, particularly at the wealthy. Blintzes are often stuffed with various fillings, as is the practice of the Jewish people who serve cheese-stuffed blitzes on holidays such as Chanukah.