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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s Photography Auctioned for Over $1 Million

18. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Russia’s Commander-In-Chief has a great many hobbies which separate him from Predecessor and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Whereas Putin is an outdoorsman and noted Judo master, Medvedev has been noted for his more domestic hobbies, having an acclaimed love for 70’s Classic Rock and being the first Russian leader to operate an official Video Blog.

One of Medvedev’s little-known pursuits is his love for photography, while many other noted heads of state are famous for being in front of the camera lens; the Kremlin has been releasing the President’s personal photography in a movement to help the Russian people connect more personally with their leader. Noted by many professional photographers as being quite technically sound, Medvedev’s photography is mostly of nature, landscapes and other notable aspects of Russia’s environment.

Recently, one of the President’s photographs, an aerial shot of the Tobolsk Kremlin building, has sold for over 1 million dollars – 51 million rubles or 1.7 million dollars to be exact. The Tobolsk Kremlin is a fortress built in the late 17th Century and regarded as a national monument. It was sold at a St Petersburg auction to help provide funding and amenities for the free apartments the Russian government provides World War II veterans. It out-sold a painting sold at the previous year’s auction by Medvedev’s predecessor Vladimir Putin by 14 million rubles.