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Russian Restaurants, Shops in Sydney, Australia

19. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales has a significant Russian population, much like Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York City.


Gentlemen living near this popular area can visit these restaurants and shops to sample Russian culture and then chat about their experiences with their favorite Russian brides.


They can also become welcome resources for the ladies if they happen to find their soul mate in Australia and relocate to this beautiful region.


Russian Leisure

A small shop generally overlooked by the public, Russian Leisure hasn’t changed in over 20 years. It offers Russian books, CDs, DVDs with English subtitles, video tapes, Russian children’s books, and clothing.



Russian Nights

Russian Nights Restaurant offers authentic Russian and Eastern European cuisine, live music, and exceptional dancers. Wedding receptions are often held here with the management providing packages including photography, transportation, entertainment, and more.




The Coachmen Russian Restaurant

Located in a majestic heritage building constructed by convicts more than 150 years ago, The Coachmen embodies the luxury and splendor of Imperial Russia and the natural beauties of colonial Australia. If the hearty meals and vodka shots don’t warm you up, the crackling log fireplaces surely will.


Russkis Deli

They say that Russian-Australian professional boxer Kostya Tsyu travels to Russkis Deli for various specialties like pickled herring, chicken liver pate, eel, sweet cheese piroshki, homemade dumplings, pies, desserts, chocolates, breads, wines, and more.


Romance Restaurant

Alex and Natasha celebrate life every night at the Romance Restaurant. Their zest for life makes it one of the finest Russian restaurants in Sydney. Look forward to delectable food served with lashings of lively entertainment. Even Natasha herself sings a few songs!


Russian Treasures

Russian Treasures provides a broad collection of quality Russian dolls, babushkas, matryoshkas and other Russian handicrafts.


The Russian Club

If you live near The Russian Club, perhaps you should inquire about becoming a member. With a bar and a restaurant, the club is also open to visitors and available to rent for private parties.



Learning as much as you can about Russian and Ukrainian culture will help you feel closer connections to the ladies. They will love to hear about your experiences too!