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Russian Scientist Turns Vodka Into a Powder

27. October 2009 by James 0 Comments

Say the word vodka and you think of Russia. This fermented drink made from grain, rye, potatoes or sugar beet first produced in the 1400’s in Russia is now the favorite drink of sexy hot Russian women and men world-wide.  It has always been a liquid until now.


One enterprising Russian scientist, Evgeny Moskalyov, has turned the libation into a powder to be used as medicine for animals.


A pharmacologist by trade, Moskalyov knows that it is difficult for animals to consume alcohol. He was able to turn the spirit into loose granules which can be added to food or water to alleviate your pet’s pain.


Moskalyov’s invention is perfectly safe for humans to consume but it takes a lot of the product to get a buzz, about 30 doses equals 100 grams of regular vodka.


Could this be the newest hip concoction at nightclubs? Several Russian club owners think it could be, if bartenders can make some unique cocktails, and if consumers like the taste.


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