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Russian Superstitions

13. August 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The Western world is full of superstitions. Who hasn’t heard the dire claims about Friday the 13th? So many people fear this allegedly ill-fated day that there is even a name for the condition: paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.

Russia, too, has its share of superstitions. While some are similar to those in the West (a black cat crossing one’s path = bad luck), many Russian superstitions may take Westerners by surprise. Below you will find a random selection of Russian superstitions as well as superstitious beliefs Russians share with Westerners.      


Unique Russian Superstitions

•    Women should avoid sitting on cold surfaces as this may affect their ability to bear children.

•    Mothers should not show their newborn babies to anyone other than the father and midwife until 40 days         have passed.

•    A person should celebrate his or her birthday on or after the birth date, not before.
•    You will have good luck if a bird poops on you.
•    Russian couples should only get married on the date they originally set. Their

     relationship will be cursed if they choose another date.
•    A person who sneezes while speaking is telling the truth.
•    Unmarried people should avoid sitting at the corner of a table. Otherwise, they will never wed.
•    Don’t make your bed, cut your fingernails, or wear anything new on examination days.
•    If you whistle indoors you may lose your money.
•    It is bad luck to see a woman walking with an empty bucket.
•    If you have hiccups, someone is speaking ill of you.
•    Rain on a wedding day means wealth for the couple.
•    Eating from a knife will make you angry.
•    You must drink all of your alcohol and never place a glass full of booze back on the table.


Similar Superstitions

•    It is bad luck for a black cat to cross one’s path.
•    Bad luck can be warded off by knocking on wood.
•    Spilling salt is a bad omen.
•    It is bad luck to break a mirror.


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