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Russian Vodka Saves Stranded Elephants in Siberia

14. December 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Hauling elephants across the frozen Siberian tundra is a tremendous task in and of itself, so when hay inside the heated transportation trailer catches on fire, forcing the elephants out in the cold, what do you do?


With temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, these circus elephants' handler knew of only two ways to save their lives: keep them moving and give them vodka!


The 45 and 48-year-old pachyderms were provided with two cases of Russian vodka mixed with warm water while waiting for rescue. 


"They roared like it was the jungle... must have been happy," the district official told RIA Novosti.


While the animals did end up with minor frostbite on their legs and the tips of their ears, the vodka saved them from more life threatening conditions like pneumonia. Plus, the amount they were given didn't even intoxicate them.


They were eventually moved to a nearby garage until a truck arrived to transport them to a heated gym in a local community college. They've been given the all clear by veterinarians to continue on with their performance schedule. The show must go on!