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Russian Winter Festival Features Ice Sculpting and More

21. December 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Despite the freezing temperatures, the Russian Winter Festival is well underway in Moscow. This annual celebration will last through mid January and features traditional food, music, and large displays of folk art, gifts, and souvenirs. This year, an ice sculpting contest is the main event.


Several impressive ice sculptures have already been revealed. There is a giant Russian rouble, weighing 150 kg (over 300 lbs)! Another amazing masterpiece, created by one of the world’s best ice sculptors Sergey Zaplatin, is the ice bell, weighing 260 kg (nearly 600 lbs)!


The main festivities take place in Izmailovo Park and visitors can enjoy sleigh rides, as well as plenty of folk music and dance performances. There are additional celebrations in other Russian cities like St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring.


Russia does not celebrate the Russian Winter Festival alone; Trafalgar Square in London also hosts an incredible celebration each year. There are also similar parties that take place in U.S. cities like Washington D.C. and New York City.


This is a very special time of year in Russia and the residents are excited to share the fun and magic of their Winter Festival with the rest of the world.