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Russian Women Also Worry About International Dating

3. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

A look at the FAQ section on this blog will quickly reveal the common concerns of HotRussianBride users. Are the ladies real? Do Russian women only want a green card? How do I know I won’t be scammed? Is this site safe to use? Etc. Etc. What isn’t so obvious, however, are the common concerns of Russian ladies. Think Russian women don’t worry about international dating? Think again. Read on to learn what fears your Russian lady might have and what you can do to help ease her mind.


Leaving Everything Behind

Ladies know they must give up a lot if they choose to move abroad, including friends, family, a familiar culture, and a comfortable way of life. Compound these losses with the culture shock that will inevitably arise, and your lady may worry she can’t survive outside of Russia. To help soothe her mind, send lots of information throughout your courtship, including pictures of your hometown, articles about popular culture, news links, etc. If a lady travels to your home country, introduce her to close family and friends and make an effort to include her in every outing. Most importantly, be patient and supportive and understand that it will take her some time to properly adjust.



As if the thought of giving up family, friends, and a familiar culture isn’t enough, many Russian ladies also wonder about their safety. A lady knows she will be completely dependent on her husband should she move to a new country, at least until she has time to adjust, so it is only natural that she consider the worst case scenarios. Some concerns that may run through your Russian woman’s head are: Will I be sold into sexual slavery? Will my future husband lock me in the house? What if he is mentally unstable? Where can I get help if I am abused? This may seem extreme, but Russian laws are not as extensive or as strictly enforced as laws in Western countries, so most Russian ladies simply do not know their rights. Don’t be offended by these concerns as they are not a reflection on you. If you consistently treat a lady with love and respect, these concerns are bound to fade over time.

Gentlemen should remember they are not the only ones taking a risk on international dating sites like HotRussianBrides.com. Understanding, and properly reacting to, a Russian woman’s concerns can only lead to a more satisfying dating experience.