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Russian Women Are Interested in You, Not Your Toys

31. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

When creating a profile on HotRussianBrides.com, many gentlemen post photos of cars, trucks, boats, homes, and other material objects. While the gentlemen likely want to show Russian women that they have the necessary funds to provide a comfortable a life for their spouse, “boys and their toys” photos can give ladies the wrong impression.

Though it may not be their intention, men who focus on material objects appear to be bragging about their wealth and it may seem as if they expect ladies to be impressed by their expensive toys. This attitude is a big turn off and is a red flag for many marriage-minded women. Though nice things are a great perk, the vast majority of Russian women will not date or marry a man simply because he’s well off.

So what should a gentleman’s photos highlight instead? That’s simple. Him! Simple headshots or full-length photos are far more interesting, and useful, to Russian women than photos of flashy automobiles or sprawling estates. A common fear among Russian daters is that the ladies are only interested in money so it’s surprising that some suitors post photos that appear to cater to women with superficial interests.

Are Russian women impressed with boys and their toys photos? Not really. While they may admire a nice boat or beautiful home, most ladies are far more interested in a man than his car or house. After all, it's the man she may one day marry, not his sports car.