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Russian Women Boxers Battle for Gold

21. June 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

Natalya Ragozina

While Russian women are often considered very sweet, charming, and feminine, they are also incredibly strong, determined, and up for a challenge. It's no surprise that the country's female boxing team is confident about bringing home gold at next month's London Olympics, which will be the first Games with female boxers. 


Not everyone agrees that women should be involved in such a brutal sport. In fact, heated debates on the subject are common and coaches are called upon to defend their choices. 


"I often have to answer the question of why women are doing it. When I grow tired of explaining, I begin to ask myself: Why do women skydive and become ministers?" says Viktor Lisitsyn, the head coach of the Russian women’s boxing team. "There's no way of answering these questions. But people still try to find fault with boxing as though it were murder. But by comparison with other sports it is child's play. Look at the injuries people get in gymnastics!"


Viktor says that boxing not only provides a high level of physical fitness which the ladies enjoy, but the sport provides a good way of teaching moral values, principles, and it builds self confidence. He's also asked what happens to women after their boxing careers are finished, with some people assuming they would take that aggression into their daily lives.


"Boxing has no relationship to life. It is confined to the ring, pure sport," he says. "In their lives they remain genuine women, and perhaps they are even more so than other women. They do a lot of hard work, so in their spare time they, on the contrary, want affection, relationships, and family. They marry and live well with their spouses."


The Russian women's boxing team recently won seven bronze, one silver, and one gold medal at the World Championships so they are primed for success at the Olympics. However, Viktor knows it won't be easy.


"It is simply that the Olympic Games are conducted at a completely different scale," he explains. "First, not everyone can stand the strain, and secondly, there is a great deal of luck. It happens that the winner is the one who wants it very much, not the one who is better statistically. We are counting on all of our girls, any of whom may become an Olympic champion." 

Source: Russky Reporter