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Russian Women Demonstrate Pole Dancing Skills

29. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments


It's no secret that Russian and Ukrainian women are wild about fitness. They had fun submitting photos and videos of themselves working out for our recent Miss Fit contest and we've featured their athleticism in such pictorials as Russian Dancing Ladies and Russian Singles Doing Splits


Another form of fitness has become quite popular in the last few years -- pole dancing!


While the activity is very sexy and provocative, it actually takes a ton of strength and flexibility to bend their bodies around those poles. This past weekend, the fifth annual Pole Dance & Fitness Championship was held in Vladivostok and both professionals and beginners were welcome to participate.


Some of the poses shown in these photos appear impossible to perform but these ladies train hard. Take a look! 




What do your favorite Russian brides think about pole dancing as exercise? This could be an interesting topic of conversation! 


Photos: English Russia