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Russian Women Divided Over Putin’s Army

27. July 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has a lot of female admirers. In October, twelve beautiful students from Moscow State University stripped down for a sexy calendar created in Putin’s honor. Last week, a group of beautiful women washed cars in high heels and bikinis to show their support for the controversial politican. However, Putin’s Army, a group of young women who hope to see Putin serve another presidential term, are perhaps the most passionate supporters.

Earlier this month, members of Putin’s Army posted a promotional video on YouTube (below), urging young women to upload videos in which they demonstrate their love for Putin by saying what, or who, they would be willing to “tear to pieces” for him. The video, which closes with the big-breasted host tearing off her shirt, also promises an iPad 2 to the woman who uploads the best video.

Though thousands of women have joined Putin’s army since the promotional video first debuted, not all Russian women support stripping down for the prime minister. Many of the nation’s feminists oppose Putin’s army, calling it “sexist and ridiculous,” and an Anti-Putin’s Army group has popped up on the Russian social network Vkontakte. Many Russians also believe that the Kremlin is behind the rise of Putin’s Army.


“Maybe these girls aren’t stupid, but the ones who paid them definitely are,” said Nastya Surguch, a member of Anti-Putin’s Army. “It’s pretty stupid to waste money on something so obviously short-sighted. I went to one of the movement’s events in Moscow and asked these ‘clever and beautiful’ girls, as they call themselves, why we should elect Putin for a third mandate. They all gave pretty much the same answer:  ‘Because he’s cool.” I think that speaks for itself. Every sound person – perhaps even these girls – can understand that it’s not enough for a president to be ‘cool’.”


Here's the promotional video for Putin's Army.


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