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Russian Women Enjoy Being Ladies

6. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Russian women have a reputation for stunning beauty, sometimes to the point of disbelief. "How can there be so many gorgeous women on one site?" is a common question we get from newcomers to HotRussianBrides.com: "Are they for real?"


Oh, yes! says the Russian daily, Pravda.


In a lighthearted look at her fellow countrywomen as viewed by outsiders, a Pravda columnist says:

On various resorts Russian women are well-groomed, bright, but often wear the clothes that don’t match with the event. For instance, they can show up to the pool in the morning with evening make up and high heels on. Only Russian female tourists, while going on a trip to the mountains or ancient ruins, can put on high heels and then won’t come out of bus.


This is the way the outside world views Russian women, and the the columnist never disagrees. She goes onto say -- English a bit wobbly, tongue a bit in cheek -- that Russian women are fashionable, ladylike, and most of all, totally unapologetic about it:

Every day millions of young Russian females go outside like if they go on the catwalk: with perfect hairdo, manicure and chiropody [pedicure], best attires, high heels on. In this way they go shopping. The distance of the trip doesn’t matter – it can be a small shop round the corner or a trade center on the other side of the city.


Of course, not all Russian women, or their Ukrainian sisters, fit this mold. Does anyone fit neatly into a stereotype? But we can all appreciate when a country is willing to look in a mirror -- and likes what it sees.


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