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Russian Women Let Men be Men

30. September 2009 by James 0 Comments

A recent article on the Kyiv Post addressed the issue of American women versus Ukrainian women and who men prefer. This is an interesting question. Why in the United States of America, where men have a choice of millions of women, are American men fascinated with Russian and Ukrainian women? What makes them so desirable?

There is the obvious; women from the Ukraine and Russia are very beautiful, well okay, HOT! For centuries men have lusted, longed for, fought, and died for the affections of these gems. In the US and Western Europe there are striking women as well.  Yet, the question still remains, why are more Americans looking for hot Russian brides and Russian love matches?

The answer is many American men view some American women as no longer feminine.  The feminist movement proved to be an excellent tool for progress by allowing more women to enter the work place, giving women more dignity, respect, and leadership roles in our society. But at the same time, many American men feel the movement took away what made a woman, well a woman, her femininity. American men are nostalgic for that time when it was okay to be a man. Just look at the popularity of the hit television show “Mad Men.”

That’s the appeal Russian women have to some American men.  They let a man be a man without the fear that somehow men are being politically incorrect.  More so than most Western women, Russian ladies appreciate it when a man opens the door for her, walks on the street side while strolling with her, offers her his coat when she is cold, stands up when she enters a room or before she sits down.

Russian women are very modern in every aspect but still retain their feminine charms. Men who have Russian brides will tell you that their wives are not pushovers, not by a long shot.  They are strong, smart, sexy, beautiful women but they have a strong sense of traditional values, like home and hearth, which some men find appealing. Russian women are able to have a career but at the same time can cherish compliments from men.  It seems that Russian and Ukrainian women have found the perfect balance between the old ways and the new ways. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Old World can teach the New World some old tricks.