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Russian Women Want Romantic Marriage Proposals

2. December 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian Women Want Romantic Marriage Proposals

If you’ve been dating Russian women for awhile, you know many of these ladies are hopeless romantics. While you may make them swoon with loving letters and thoughtful gifts, once a marriage proposal comes to mind, you’ll probably start thinking about the paperwork and legalities of bringing your bride home.


It’s smart to begin planning ahead once you know you’ve found The One, but be sure not to neglect this special moment. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you pop the big question.


Be Prepared

Not only should you practice exactly how you’re going to present your proposal, but you should also make sure your lady will accept. The worst feeling is to have her reject you or say she needs to think about it so have the marriage conversation before even considering it.


Surprise Her

Although you’ve already discussed your intentions, it’s still sweet and romantic to surprise her when you actually pop the question. It can be trickier with international couples, since time together is usually scarce, but you can still make it happen. Scheduling a special trip to visit just to ask for her hand in marriage will make her melt.


Be Traditional 

Many women still appreciate old-fashioned gentlemen, so consider incorporating some charming traditions like asking her parents’ permission before you propose. Also, getting down on one knee never gets old for romantic Russian women.


Pick the Perfect Place

It can be tempting to profess your love and pop the question in an email or over the phone, but face to face proposals are the best. Make it memorable by selecting a special location, such as the place where you first met. There are plenty of popular romantic places in Russia and Ukraine!


While some multicultural couples are quick to rush through the engagement and wallow in the wonders of the wedding, the marriage proposal can serve as a foreshadowing of the future. Remain romantic all throughout your Russian bride relationship and you’ll reap the rewards.