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Russian Women and Greek Men

25. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

What can two people from such vastly different countries possibly have in common? Intellectual pursuits! Cultural studies and verbal testimonies show that Greek men and Russian women both value the finer things in life.  


A Sophisticated Culture

According to Kwintessential, a business specializing in cross cultural training and intercultural communication, Greeks are fiercely proud of their cultural heritage and their contribution to society. In a society with such a rich and ancient heritage, it is not uncommon for Greeks to regularly attend art shows, take in performances at a local theatre, listen to fine music, and discuss literature.   


Culture Also Important in Russia

As you can see from the quotes below, cultural pursuits are also important to Russian women. Many ladies on HotRussianBrides are seeking Western men who can share their passion for music, dance, art, literature, and more. Who better to meet this need than a cultured man from Greece? Here are some quotes from the women’s profiles:

 “I like theatre, books, art. I love going to museums and exhibitions. I dream about trips, beautiful countries, and ancient cities, about walking along old streets and discovering their history.” BlondLaura (258277)

 “I’m kind, warm-hearted, tender, caring. My interests include psychology, sociology, philosophy, music, reading, art, and painting.” Olya5926 (263636) Pictured above.

 “I enjoy going out with my friends. I like exhibitions, museums, theater, and cinema.” Svetlana5266 (266511)

“When I have free time I prefer to walk with my friends, or go to the cinema or to a disco. If I stay at home, I will watch an interesting movie or some cognitive program.” Valeria830 (270924)

 “I enjoy theatre, ballet, opera, cultural events and exhibitions. Currently, I study English and Chinese. I enjoy traveling and visiting new places.” Irina220 (280691)

“I like listening to live music and dancing well. Dancing is my biggest passion. I like reading different kinds of literature and discussing different topics with someone who is intelligent and educated.” KovalekOlga (276710)

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