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Russians Resemble American Super Heroes

10. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

Russians don't have many of their own local comic book characters so they often idolize American ones. Whether it's dressing up like them or trying to perform their super powers, these average guys are quite entertaining. 


Russian Wolverine

Ilya Artemov lived a normal life until a friend mentioned that he looked just like Wolverine, or Hugh Jackman, the Australian actor who has played the X-Men mutant in movies. Ilya took the observation to heart and began dressing just like the character and participating in cosplay events.



Russian Spider-Man

Next, there is the locally famous Russian Spider-Man from the town of Tyumen. Clinging to walls and leaping from building to building, Sergey Devliashov is one of many young Russian men who participate in parkour. He obviously has no fear of heights and some of his maneuvers would seem to require super powers to perform.



Russian Batman

When you take a ride on the Russian subway, you never know what you may see. One passenger sat across from the Russian Batman who was just trying to get some sleep. 



Russian Aquaman

A man in St. Petersburg, Russia strapped on a water powered jet pack and quickly became known as the Russian Aquaman.



Russian Cyclops

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin likes to get in on the fun of playing around as a super hero! 



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