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Russians Show Support for Boston Marathon Victims

18. April 2013 by Masha 0 Comments


Over 4,000 miles separate Moscow from Boston but Russians are showing their love for the city and grieving for those suffering from Monday's bombings by laying flowers at U.S. Embassy and Consulate offices around the country. 


"When I found out about this awful event I decided to bring flowers to the U.S. Embassy," said Alina Sirotinskaya. "I often attend gatherings when this kind of tragedies happen. I was there to commemorate the victims of the terror attack in the Moscow subway a couple of years ago and today I could not help but coming to the Embassy. I also have some friends in Boston."


One Russian woman named Anna laid flowers at the Embassy to remember that anyone could be a victim of such a terrible event at any time. 


"The world has narrowed and the Boston events resonate in Moscow," she said. "I belong to the big world. And America is part of this world. It could have been me or one of my relatives at the marathon. And it’s that thought which drove me here."


Many Russians are avid sports enthusiasts so the fact that this tragedy happened during a world renowned sporting event was a great concern. 


"I like sport very much and that’s the reason why I came here," Natalya Supyan said. "I was astonished. If it happened elsewhere I could contribute by donating money or giving donor blood. In this situation I can't do anything but bring flowers to the American embassy."


Others traveled to the embassy without even giving it a second thought. 


"It was just a quick impulse of my heart," said Alla Balkhavitina.


Source, Photos: Russia Beyond The Headlines