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Russians Welcomed 2010 with “Olivier Show”

18. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

After weeks of celebration, Russian women and Russian men are settling back into their daily routines after enjoying a lengthy holiday season. Here’s one way they celebrated.

This year, a well-known television channel in Russia presented the 2010 New Year show in new format known as the “olivier show.” Olivier, a traditional Russian dish prepared during the New Year holiday, is a popular salad containing potatoes, cucumbers, mayonnaise, sausage, peas, eggs, and a variety of herbs and spices. Moscow chef Lucien Olivier invented the dish in the 1860s and the salad has since become a staple of Russian holiday dinners.

The olivier show featured live music, dancing, parodies, comedy sketches, and a recap of major news and events in Russia. The show also presented stories about how to celebrate the New Year. Festive and fun, the olivier show entertained thousands of viewers.

The studio audience of the olivier show even received a special treat: olivier (of course)! Producers prepared the olivier in a large pan and used 250 kg of potatoes, 3 barrels of pickled cucumbers, 100 liters of mayonnaise, 70 kg of sausage, 40 cans of green peas, 300 eggs, and herbs and spices to prepare enough food for the large audience. As the show drew to a close, presenters wished everyone luck in the New Year and bid the audience to treat others with love and respect. 

Here are some pictures from the festive show.