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Russia’s First All-Female Motorcycle Club

2. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

There are over 350 motorcycle clubs in Russia, but only one that regularly admits women. The ladies of Wings Female Motorcycle Club have been taking to the roads together since 1999. The club, like other motorcycle clubs in the country, puts on concerts and parties, does charity rides for orphanages, and participates in missing persons searches. Wings has a dozen members and another half dozen prospects. The ladies of Wings range in age between 20 and 40 and work in such fields as engineering, IT and interior design.


Club member Yelena Cherkaskina says, “We’re like other girls, we cook, clean and do laundry. It’s just that I come here instead of the sewing club in my spare time.”


Many of our Russian brides ride motorcycles, too. Check out the pictures below of our fast, cycle-loving ladies: