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Russia's Stunning Ice Caves

17. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russia's Komchatka Peninsula is dotted with 150 volcanoes, 30 of which are considered active. The Plosky Tolbachik, which is in middle of a record-setting eruption, has become a tourist destination for thrill-seekers hunting for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Another of the area's volcanoes has produced large caverns beneath the frozen glaciers that are drawing a tourist crowd of their own. Hot springs flow underground, melting a path underneath the ice.


The glaciers are getting thinner, which means that sunlight can glow through the ice and light up the caverns with an unearthly glow. The green, purple and blue light is not caused by computer enhancement -- the colors are caused by sunlight filtering through the ice.


The Komchatka Peninsula is not easy to get to. But, exotic sights like volcanoes that light up the night and hidden, glowing caves in the ice can make it a worthwhile trip for the adventurous gentleman.




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