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Salo Samples and Sculptures at Lviv's Salo-Vodka Bar

6. July 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you tasted salo, the traditional Ukrainian staple food of cured pork fat? How about salo in the shape of Marilyn Monroe’s lips, Buddha’s hand, or Van Gogh’s ear? In addition to serving sushi, Italian cuisine, and plenty of libations, the Salo-Vodka Bar in Lviv is a magnificent, modernist museum.


Currently the main feature is the world’s largest heart made of salo and an alien salo baby sleeping in a crib. Needless to say, the atmosphere is fun and playful. Large, glass refrigerators contain more curious salo sculptures, such as the breast of Venus and the nose of Gogol.


While some artistic treats can be ordered from the menu, other dishes have humorous names as well. Count Dracula includes chicken heart fat samples and a Bloody Mary; Harry Potter Magic Fat comes with glasses of ginger; and Salim Salim, Hilter and Stalin is a dish “war” with salo shaped in stars and swastikas with bacon.


Newcomers can enjoy the sampler platter, which serves up 12 types of salo on black bread with a shot of vodka, beer or juice. Nine pieces are from different regions of Ukraine, while three come from Italy. The dessert menu doesn’t shy away from the specialty either, with salo dipped in chocolate and salo combined with ice cream and fruit.


An experience this exceptional must be memorialized with souvenirs. Guests can purchase clothing, pillows, candles, jewelry, dice, soccer balls, postcards, and even dishes adorned with salo art. Check out these photos!




Source: SaloArt.com