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Secure your Russian Dating account! Make sure you keep your login ID secret!

1. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

While at HotRussianBrides.com, we take every reasonable step to ensure the security of our members’ accounts, it is always a great idea for ladies and gentlemen using our site to take their own precautions to safeguard their information.

As the vast majority of members will be using a credit card or PayPal account to pay for our services when chatting with Russian single women, you will always want to keep an eye on your login information. We keep all billing information encrypted with an SSL certificate, but these safety measures can be compromised if you don’t keep your login information secure.

International matchmaking agency Password Safety

When you create your account, try and make sure that your dating site password is something that only you would guess. This will help protect you from being the subject of a Russian bride scam, as a hard-to-guess password helps you avoid others from breaking into your accounts.

Internet security experts recommend not using standard words that you would find in a dictionary as a password. You can mix words up a bit: replace letters with other characters, use numbers and play with capitalization.

Logging into your Russian Dating Account

Many browsers allow you the ability to save your username and password when you log into a website to make it easier to log in for the future. While at the end of the day, it is your choice whether to take this option or not, please bear in mind that it can have its drawbacks. Having a saved password means that anyone else using your computer may be able to access your HotRussianBrides.com profile. Another problem arises when you have a saved password – if you have it saved, you may be more likely to forget it if you’re not entering it in regularly. Be very careful when using the saved password option. 

Keeping your information written down

If you plan on keeping a written record of your username and password (also not always a good idea!) please be very sure that you keep this information far away from anyone else. Any other person who can access your account could be considered a security risk. If a friend logs into your account, even “as a joke”, this act can cause you incredible amount of security issues both immediately on the site and later on. Whatever method you use to record your login details, always be sure to make sure you keep them secret and safe.

Account sharing

As we are a dating site, and we allow members to create profiles to identify themselves, we ask that our customers do not share their accounts. Giving someone access to your Russian matchmaking account not only potentially compromises your billing and personal information but can also cause significant confusion, disappointment and anger among the Ukrainian ladies if they learn they are talking to someone other than who they believed. We insist that the ladies confirm that they are who they say they are with our Video Validation program, and we ask that the gentlemen extend the same courtesy. If you have a friend who wishes to try out the site, rather than giving him your login information why not provide him with a HotRussianBrides.com membership referral so if he joins our service, you can receive benefits?