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Selecting and Sending Gifts on Hot Russian Brides

28. March 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Thinking of sending a gift to your special Russian woman? Here’s everything you need to know about selecting and sending gifts on Hot Russian Brides.

Selecting a Gift

The Hot Russian Brides gift shop is full of great gift options. Not sure what to select? If you and a Russian woman are just starting to build a relationship, you may want to select a small, yet thoughtful gift like flowers, candy, or a stuffed animal. These universal gifts appeal to almost any woman and are a great way to surprise your special lady and let her know she’s in your thoughts. Perfumes, cosmetics, and spa certificates are also great options.

Gentlemen who are in a more serious relationship with a Russian woman may want to consider sending jewelry. Our 14k gold bracelets and necklaces make beautiful gifts as do our heart, cross, and astrological sign pendants. English lessons are another terrific option. There’s no better way to let a lady you know you care than by helping her prepare for your future together.

If you’re still not sure which gift will be best for your lady, ask! Although the ladies are strictly forbidden from requesting gifts, gentlemen are free to ask about her preferences.

Sending a Gift

Many gentlemen understandably wish to send personalized gifts and we will do everything we can, within reason, to accommodate these requests. If you want to your lady to receive specific flowers or a certain kind of stuffed toy simply enter the request in the gift note text field just above the “Submit” button. The staff at a lady’s local introduction agency will do everything they can to fulfill your request. It takes approximately 7-14 days to deliver a gift, and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as a lady's introduction agency uploads the gift pic. The local introduction agency can also send a photo of your lady with her gift if you request it.  


Gift Etiquette

Gift etiquette in Russia and Ukraine differs from gift etiquette in Western countries and it helps if a suitor is aware of these subtle (and not so subtle) differences. For example, when giving flowers in Ukraine a man should select an odd-numbered batch as opposed to an even-numbered one as even-numbered bouquets are typically reserved for funerals. Also, a suitor should avoid giving yellow flowers to Russian women as yellow flowers traditionally symbolize the end of a relationship. A basic knowledge of a country's gift giving etiquette can help a gentleman avoid embarrassment and select a gift that a lady will cherish forever.


Your lady is sure to appreciate whatever gift you choose, so long as it comes from the heart. Good luck and happy gift giving!