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Are Sexy Single Moms Accepted in Russia?

3. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

HotRussianBrides.com features a number of beautiful single mothers. In the most Western nations being a single parent is an accepted norm. No longer are single parents ostracized by families, friends, churches or society as a whole.Western men have no trouble with dating a single mother. In Russia and many former Soviet countries men have a different view. 


Russian View

Russian society has a drastically different view of single mothers than Western society. Many single mothers have a hard time finding romance. In World War II nearly 20 million Russian men died fighting the Nazi’s. Ever since that time Russia has had a shortage of men and an overabundance of women. Today that is still the case. This gives Russian men the advantage when selecting a mate. Many will choose the lady without any attachments rather than a woman with a child. They see it as a burden to take on someone else’s responsibility.

Before 1991

Under communism, Russian families did not have much. So their family was everything. It is tradition that Russians put the welfare of their children before their careers and their own lives. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union single mothers and their children could rely on government assistance which including income support, subsidized child care, and full employment guarantee.


Modern Reality

Since the collapse of communism, the number of single parent households has increased and the social safety net has dramatically decreased. With a variety of options, many men no longer see the need to stay married, or to marry a pregnant girlfriend. Nearly half of all single mothers live with their parents or other family members. Since the vast majority of single mothers are employed, the extended family assists the mother in childcare and domestic duties. So the Russian tradition of relying on family has taken a 21st century twist.


Where the Two Shall Meet

In contrast, Western men look at single mothers as successful, strong and sexy. Russian single mothers still have that strong sense of family and tradition. When the two meet it could be an incredible match. So why not see what sexy, single, Russian mothers have to offer?