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Should I Seek a Russian Bride in a Big City or a Small Town?

3. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

When searching for a Russian bride, some men wonder if they should pursue women from a large city rather than a small town and vice versa. While every situation is different, here are a few things gentlemen should consider when making this decision. 


The Adjustment

If a lady comes from a large, international city like Kiev or Moscow she may have difficulty adjusting to life in a small town. Similarly, women from small towns in Russia may have more difficulty adjusting to life in a large metropolis. That’s not to say a lady can’t adjust to life in either location, but that men should be aware of potential difficulties the change might bring. For example, women from small towns may need help navigating the subway system and big city girls used to public transport may need driving lessons to get around a small town.  


Scammers in Big Cities? Small Towns?

Some men argue that scammers are more likely to live in big cities. Others think they typically reside in small towns. Everyone has their own opinion, but the key is not to let other people’s opinions unduly influence your Russian bride search. While scammers do exist, gentlemen can avoid them by using a little common sense and eliminating an entire city or region from your search may also eliminate the lady of your dreams.


Advantages to Big City, Small Town

One of the advantages to searching for a Russian mate in a large city is the ease of travel. It’s much easier to reach Moscow or Odessa than a rural village. However, that doesn’t mean men should write off small town girls. Women in small towns typically have a strong attachment to family and home and these are qualities many gentlemen are seeking in future wives. Don’t let distance or travel complications prevent you from finding your soul mate. 

Ultimately, the decision to pursue a city woman, a small town girl, or both is a decision a gentleman must make for himself. There are pluses and minuses to either choice. Men who carefully weigh their options and make educated decisions will do well in the Russian bride search.