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Sky Taxi, Sky Bus for Safe Transport from Boryspil International Airport

15. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

As the largest airport in Ukraine, Boryspil International is the destination for most gentlemen flying in to meet Ukrainian brides. Once they arrive, they're eager to continue their travels to their favorite ladies' hometowns.


Fortunately, there are two affordable and legitimate options.


Sky Taxi

As the official taxi service of Boryspil International Airport, Sky Taxi was introduced in December of 2011 as a fleet of Hyundai Sonatas. Each taxi is equipped with a meter, a credit card terminal, dashboard cameras, a GPS navigator, and a built-in Bluetooth to detect traffic jams.


All Sky Taxi drivers are required to have at least five years experience and they must speak English. 


Gentlemen can book a Sky Taxi by phone, by email, via an online form, or in person with the agents in terminals B and F of Boryspil International Airport. The rate is 6.50 hryvnia (UAH) per kilometer but the return trip to the airport is half price. 


Click here for the Sky Taxi website.


Sky Bus

Before men spy a Sky Taxi, they usually notice a Sky Bus due to its bright color. The pretty pink shuttle bus service departs from Terminals B, D, and F and arrives at the southern terminal of the Kiev Railway Station in the capital city's center. It also makes a stop at the Kharkiv Metro Station. 



Sky Bus operates around the clock, on schedule, at any time of the day or night, regardless of weather and time of year, with the precision of Swiss watches. The intervals between departures is 10-15 minutes during the day and 30-50 minutes at night. The travel time is 45-55 minutes.


Gentlemen can purchase Sky Bus tickets online or at one of the offices inside the terminals. The cost of traveling from the airport to Kiev is 25 UAH. 


Click here for the Sky Bus website.


There are plenty of other transportation options for traveling around Ukraine but some are not as safe as these. Private drivers often offer foreigners a ride to make some extra cash but they typically charge higher rates and may not transport passengers as efficiently. Happy travels! 


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