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Soviet Comedy Restored for Valentine's Day

12. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian comedic musical film Volga Volga

Russians are quite the romantics and they love celebrating Valentine's Day. Gift shops are packed with people buying presents and streets and squares are filled with musical performers.


Usually romantic Russian films are shown on television and this year a special classical comedy has been restored for the occasion. Volga Volga was originally released in 1938 and centers around a talented folk singer traveling to Moscow to perform in the Moscow Musical Olympiad. Most of the movie takes place on a steamboat chugging along the Volga River.


Channel One television spent $500,000 to add color to the black-and-white original, as well as to restore references to Josef Stalin which were censored in 1956. The movie is said to be one of Stalin's favorites. He even sent it to American President of the time, Franklin Roosevelt, as a gift.


Igor Lopatyonok, producer of the restoration, says showing this film allows people to see another side of the Stalin era. He feels it's important for the younger generation to see how people lived in the 1930's.  


Source: Inquirer.net