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Springs, Resorts and Spa Towns of Ukraine

23. January 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you are ready to go to Ukraine to meet that special lady in person, build a few days of relaxation into your trip. Ukraine is rich with spa and resort towns set against the gorgeous scenery of areas like the Black Sea coast or the Carpathian Mountains.


Many of Ukraine’s spas were founded in the 19th century, when people would come from all over Europe for the curative powers of the mineral springs. The waters of the springs are rich in a wide range of minerals, and are reputed to help with respiratory issues, digestive issues and just general aches and pains. Today, people still come to the springs, either to “take the waters” or to just enjoy the majestic views and some modern-day spa pampering. 


The spas and resorts in Ukraine have the advantage of being far less expensive than those in other parts of Europe. Rooms in the budget hotels run as little as Hr 320 a night (a little less than $40 US); in the luxury hotels, prices are a still-affordable Hr 1500 (about $185).


Where to go? Here are some of our top recommendations:





The attractive town in the foothills of the Carpathians can easily be reached by train or bus from Lviv. During the day, travelers soak in and consume the famous healing waters of the springs. In the evenings, head out to enjoy nightclubs, restaurant or even a night out at the theater. Mountain wax soaks soothe aching muscles while aromatherapy and other treatments help you relax and rejuvenate.


Bukovel Ski Resort

Interested in a more active vacation? Head for a ski holiday at the Bukovel Ski Resort, which is the oldest ski resort in Ukraine. In the resort area, there is a village where you can head to cafes and shops on foot. Skiers can get rides up to the slopes from horse-drawn carriages. 



The spas in Morshyn offer health and wellness treatments and relaxing massages and mud baths. For those looking for a more vigorous vacation, the area offers excellent skiing, as well. History buffs can visit ancient settlements, the Olesko and Pidhirtsi castles and a historic monastery.


Vinnytsia Oblast

The Vinnytsia Oblast in Western Ukraine is rich in minerals, which leach into the area’s many springs. 



Khmilnyk, on the Southern Buh River, is one of the area’s oldest resort towns. Radon springs were discovered there in 1934, and the town has been an important spa destination ever since. When not at the spa, you can see historic sites like St. Trinity Church and the eight-sided castle in the center of the town.


Poltava Region

The Poltava Region lies in central Ukraine. Many historic sites in the region were nominated for the Seven Wonders of Ukraine, including Kotliarevsky Villa and the Mykolaivska Church.



Myrhorod has at least four health spas to help with different maladies. There are beach areas along the river that are great for swimming. Some of the attractions include a musical fountain, pedal-boats, dancing, live music, and horse-drawn carriage rides.


Zakarpattia Oblast

There are a number of health spas and springs in the Zarkarpattia Oblast including the Zakarpattian Recreation Center, Koson Village’s Kosoni Sanitorium, Shoshto-Thermal Springs.



Legend has it that the healing springs of Svalaiva were first discovered by the Huns as they traveled across Europe. There are over 100 mineral springs in Svaliava where visitors can soak. Most resorts offer massages, aromatherapy and spa beauty treatments.





Alupka is loved for its warm summers and mild winters. Swim in the Black Sea and relax on the beaches. Attractions include Vorontsov Palace, one of the largest residential palaces in Ukraine and nearby Vorontsov Park. Places to see include the area’s grottos, caves and the crater of an extinct volcano.



Alushta’s location in the foothills allow for fantastic views. The beaches there are pebbly and sandy. Alushta was founded in the 6th century by Emperor Justinian, and remnants of the Byzantine fortresses still remain.


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Yalta has the oldest health resorts in Crimea. Both of Yalta’s beaches are Blue Flag Beaches, meaning that they meet high standards for safety and water quality. Swimming season stretches from May to October, and the area is well-known for having tons of sunny days and clear skies. It may be best to go sometime other than the height of summer – the town can get quite crowded then. Attractions in Yalta include the zoo and a small dolphinarium.



Gaspra is about 10 kilometers from Yalta. The beaches are pebbly and pleasant to walk on. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal and watch the world go by. Be sure to have a meal at “The Swallow’s Nest,” a medieval-style castle built in 1912 that now houses an Italian restaurant.