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Staying Safe on HotRussianBrides - Personal Information

28. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Many of our members have raised questions about what our website does to ensure their privacy. While HotRussianBrides makes every reasonable effort to maintain the safety and privacy of our members, we do have some suggestions that can help reassure you of your safety while using our website!


Giving out personal information, we’ve all done it in the past, whether using your first and last name for your username, giving out a little too much location information or even a phone number. While exchanging helps reinforce the relationship and allows both sides to feel closer and more aware of each other you should be absolutely sure of the person you are giving this information to BEFORE you do it. HotRussianBrides recommends you keep all of this information to yourself when you’re communicating with ladies on our site, at least until you have established a relationship that goes further than the online world.


Another recommendation that we make is to be wary of anyone who asks you about finances and immediately stop all communication with anyone who asks or tries to pressure you into revealing financial information or who asks you money. This is directly against the rules of our site and we ask that any member who comes across this to please let us know IMMEDIATELY! Sending money is a very unsafe process which can also cause problems later on in the relationship, complicating matters when a disagreement or issue arises. If you’d like to send a lady a token of your affection, we highly recommend using the Gift Shop service over sending money.