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Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Ukrainian City

8. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Does your Ukrainian sweetie hail from Dnepropetrovsk, a Ukrainian city on the shores of the Dnieper River? The climate is mild, which makes it ideal for a visit any time of year. Dnepropetrovsk is just south of Kiev, and close enough for a day trip. Much of the city’s architecture dates back to the 18th century, such as the Central Avenue area, and a number of parks.


Two of Ukraine's biggest colleges are in Dnepropetrovsk, which means you'll see plenty of pretty Ukrainian girls on the streets. Art and music lovers will enjoy the city's museums and opera.


Recently, a resident of Dnepropetrovsk created a mesmerizing time-lapse video of the city, showing what happens there in the span of a day. Click below to see some of the most beautiful sights. The only thing better is being there with a special Ukrainian lady friend.