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Surprising Facts About Long Distance Relationships

20. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

By definition, romances that begin on international dating sites are long distance relationships. Learn a bit about this sort of romance and how to make it work.


Long Distance Relationships are Not Uncommon

According to research site Statistic Brain, 14 million US couples say they are currently in a long distance relationship. Some are apart because of work or educational pursuits. Others, like those on HRB, are apart from one another because they met on a dating site and do not yet live in the same are.


Long Distance Relationships Can Be Satisfying

In one study of married couples living in different places, the long distance couples related the same level of relationship satisfaction as those in the same city. Long distance relationships are free of some of the frictions that sharing a space day to day, which can help a gentleman and lady preserve their romantic feelings toward one another.


On Average, Long Distance Couples Are Apart Just Over a Year

In another survey, couples who had had a long distance relationship were asked how long they were apart. The answer, on average, was 14 months. While this can feel like forever, couples can make the time zip past by emailing and chatting frequently and planning visits as often as is feasible. Making this time an adventure instead of a hurdle to get past is key.


A few tips for keeping things fresh while the two of you are apart:

  1. Surprise her. Send little gifts, pictures that show you are thinking of her, or an email telling her about your day.
  2. Keep up the romance. Compliment her regularly and sincerely. Listen with interest when she calls or chats. This attention keeps her happy and engaged.
  3. Remember that you won’t be apart forever. If you find yourself frustrated with the wait, just remember to be patient. Negativity and frustration can bleed into your relationship, so, keep positive!