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Swine Flu Fears Spread through Ukraine

4. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

News reports have abounded in recent days about the apparent severity of the swine flu epidemic in Ukraine. Here at HotRussianBrides.com, we take such reports very seriously as many of the beautiful ladies featured on our site are from Ukraine.


But as fears of a particularly vicious outbreak in Ukraine grow, the World Health Organization has said that there is nothing to indicate that the swine flu outbreak in Ukraine has been particularly severe.


Additionally, none of the ladies on our site have been victims of swine flu and the agencies with whom we work have reported no problems related to the outbreak. If you are planning to travel to Ukraine in the near future, you are unlikely to encounter any problems related to the outbreak or be any less safe than if you traveled to any other country.


Put it in Perspective

Thus far, there have been 1,004 deaths attributed to swine flu in the United States, a country of 300 million, according to The Guardian newspaper. This works out to about three deaths per 1 million people.


Ukraine, by comparison, has recorded 86 deaths thought to have possibly been from swine flu, with only five confirmed. In Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city, which has a population of nearly 3 million, just one person has died. This is less than the U.S. state of Florida, which has recorded 139 swine flu-related deaths.


Additionally, much of the supposed outbreak of swine flu in Ukraine has been in the western region of the country. Very few of our ladies live in this area.


Just Politics?

There has also been speculation that Ukrainian officials are using the global outbreak as a way to play politics ahead of the country’s presidential elections in January. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the candidates, staged an appearance at the Kiev airport where she met a Swiss shipment of anti-viral drugs.

Still the concern over the global outbreak remains strong in Ukraine as it does elsewhere. The country’s government has imposed some travel restrictions on people moving throughout the country in addition to temporarily closing schools as a precaution.


While it is necessary to be cautious, the perceived threat from swine flu in Ukraine appears largely unfounded, with political leaders seizing upon it as a timely news item that could make for a good theme in the run up to the presidential election. But rest assured, the danger is not as great as is being portrayed.