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Talking Love and Marriage? 3 Questions to Consider

22. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re like many men on HRB, you hope to find your lifelong match on the site. However, have you thought about what will happen once you’ve found the woman of your dreams? If your relationship is headed to the altar, here are three important questions to consider. 


Do You Want the Same Things?

Amazingly, many couples make plans for marriage without discussing their long-term goals. This can lead to disappointment and conflicting expectations. If you and a woman are growing serious, be sure to talk about what your hopes and plans are. For example, do both of you want kids or would you prefer not to have children? Will she work outside the home or tend to the household? How do you imagine your day-to-day life together? You might be surprised at what you discover.


How Will She Adjust to Life Abroad?

Many international couples view their wedding as the finish line and fail to prepare for immigration challenges. Have you thought about how your new bride will adjust to life abroad or the help she’ll need? Things that seem simple and commonplace to you might seem foreign and bewildering to her. If you’re planning to wed a Ukrainian woman, be prepared to offer a lot of love and guidance during the awkward transition process.


Are You Prepared?

You should also consider how prepared you are to bring a new member (or more) into the household, both emotionally and financially. Keep in mind that your new bride will be unable to work for several months and that your living expenses will increase. If you’ve lived alone for several years, having a another person in the home might take some getting used to. Children also bring a different set of challenges.   


These questions aren’t meant to discourage or frighten you, but to ensure you’re not taken by surprise. Many men have built successful marriages with Ukrainian women. Why not you, too?