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Paint a Picture With Profile Photos

21. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Pictures are an excellent way to share the story of your life. This is especially true on HotRussianBrides.com where anecdotes and information can get lost in translation. Here are 6 photo ideas to help you get started as well as a few examples from the ladies' profiles.


Accurate Photos

You can’t truly share the story of your life if the photos on your profile are fake or taken several years, several pounds, or several hairs ago. Be honest about who you are and only post pictures that are accurate representations of your current self.


Family and Friends

If family and friends are important to you, why not share a photo that shows you spending time with these important people? Pictures with your beloved children, lifelong friends, or cherished parents will make you seem more warm, likeable, and real. 




Hobbies are a big part of many people’s lives so don’t be afraid to share your own. Like Harleys? Post a photo of you on your motorcycle. Into sky diving? Post a great action shot! Play in a band? Share a picture from your latest gig. Not only do hobby photos help tell the story of your life, but they are excellent ways to attract women with similar interests.




Passionate about your pet? Post a photo! Some men worry that cutesy pet photos are cheesy or emasculating, but if your dog or cat is important to you then you shouldn’t be afraid to let others know. The ladies will understand. In fact, many women have posted pet photos of their own. Check out the “Me and My Pet” gallery to see a few examples.




You worked hard to achieve your goals, so show off your accomplishments! Graduations, military honors, sports achievements, professional honors and awards, etc., these are all worth sharing. Accomplishment photos are a quick and easy way to impress a lady and help her understand who you are and what shaped you.



Funny Photos

Russian women like men with a sense of humor. Why not show your humorous side with a quirky, funny, or offbeat picture? The ladies are used to seeing the same kinds of photos over and over so an amusing image will help you stand out from the crowd.


One of the many benefits of a premium membership (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) is the ability to upload 6 pictures. Bronze members can only upload one. If you’re ready to upgrade your membership, simply visit My Account and follow the onscreen instructions.

Tell the story of your life with a variety of photos! Hobbies, pets, family, friends, accomplishments, and more, share them all with the ladies of HotRussianBrides.com.