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The 10 Most Popular Restaurants in Odessa

2. May 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Hoping to head to Odessa in the near future? Here are the city’s 10 most popular restaurants as ranked by Trip Advisor travelers. From swanky lounge bars to intimate cafes, the list is sure to have something for everyone. 


10. Khutorok

Khutorok is a Ukrainian restaurant popular with locals and tourists alike. If you’d like to sample traditional Ukrainian dishes like vareniki and borsch, Khutorok is a great option. Don’t forget to try kompot!


Photos of Khutorok, Odessa
This photo of Khutorok is courtesy of TripAdvisor


9. Ukrains'ka Lasunka

Ukrains'ka Lasunka is another Odessa restaurant offering traditional Ukrainian fare. The restaurant also serves home-brewed vodka which is popular with guests.


Photos of Ukrains'ka Lasunka, Odessa
This photo of Ukrains'ka Lasunka is courtesy of TripAdvisor

8. Olio Pizza at Havanna

Olio Pizza is a casual restaurant with top-notch pizza, pasta, risotto, and other Italian fare. Breakfast is also available at this family-friendly eatery.


Photos of Olio Pizza at Havanna, Odessa
This photo of Olio Pizza at Havanna is courtesy of TripAdvisor


7. La Veranda Restaurant & Bar

Serving French-Italian cuisine, La Veranda is a hit with diners thanks to its delicious fare, superb wine selection, and fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s central location doesn’t hurt either. 


Photos of La Veranda Restaurant & Bar, Odessa
This photo of La Veranda Restaurant & Bar is courtesy of TripAdvisor


6. Ministerium

Sixth place goes to Ministerium, a hip restaurant and lounge bar offering a range of food. One reviewer says the cuisine at Ministerium isn’t just food; it’s art!


Photos of Ministerium, Odessa
This photo of Ministerium is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5. Rokka

This modern Japanese restaurant serves everything from sushi to curry and is a hit with both locals and tourists. Guests also enjoy drinks from Rokka’s well-stocked bar.


Photos of Rokka, Odessa
This photo of Rokka is courtesy of TripAdvisor


4. Grand Prix

Specializing in European and Mediterranean cuisine, Grand Prix is in the center of Odessa and serves up a mean cappuccino. 


Photos of Grand Prix, Odessa
This photo of Grand Prix is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3. Dacha

Decorated in the style of an old Odessa dacha (vacation cottage), Dacha thrills diners with traditional Ukrainian fare and alcoholic delights.


Photos of Dacha, Odessa
This photo of Dacha is courtesy of TripAdvisor

2. Kompot

Next up is Kompot, a quaint and cozy restaurant offering a sample of traditional Ukrainian fare, including cakes and local wines. Kompot also bakes and sells fresh bread on site. 


Photos of Kompot, Odessa
This photo of Kompot is courtesy of TripAdvisor

1. Sophie Café

Top honors go to Sophie Café, a charming restaurant on the ground floor of the Frederic Koklen hotel. An ideal date destination, Sophie offers a variety of exquisite fish and meat courses, as well as pasta, seafood, and salads. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of wine and breakfast food. 


Photos of Sophie Cafe, Odessa
This photo of Sophie Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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