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The Eccentric Mayor of Kiev

6. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Leonid Chernovetsky, Kiev's Mayor, has been rather legendary for his odd behavior. Nicknamed "Cosmos" by the media due to his odd behavior and strange, other-worldly gaze, the Mayor has cemented his strange reputation recently by announcing his financial plans for the city.

His budget-raising plans include charging anyone, from politicians wanting to discuss city planning, to media outlets looking for a photo opportunity up to $100,000 for a meeting and over $11,000 to meet with his ministers. The Mayor has also announced his intention to auction historical buildings and monuments and the city’s fleet of official vehicles.

Building off his strange behavior in the past, including feats of athleticism to prove his mental and physical health to the local media, fist-fighting with a rival during his period as a member of Parliament and firing the director of the Kiev Zoo after he decided that the director had failed to find a female for the male elephant in the attraction.

Mr. Chernovetsky has recently released an album of covers of popular Russian songs from the 1980’s (album art pictured) and ran for President of Ukraine in 2004.