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The Importance of Introduction Emails

13. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

When first getting started on HotRussianBrides.com, it’s important to understand the introduction emails feature. Since there are thousands of beautiful, single Russian and Ukrainian ladies to meet, it’s nice to have a fast, easy way to say “hello” and see which ones want to get to know you more.


While an introduction email should sound casual and friendly, it will still make a crucial first impression so remember these helpful hints to make yours memorable.


Proper and Professional

Even when you’re emailing Russian women who are not fluent in your language, it’s still important to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This makes your letters look more intelligent and helps the translators convey your messages more clearly and quickly. Also, there are many Russian brides who are just learning English and reading and replying to your emails helps them practice and improve.


Always Be Respectful

It’s easy to say things to sexy Ukrainian girls through emails that you would never say in person. Whether it’s the anonymous nature of the internet, or the ladies’ sexy photos that encourage this, gentlemen who send crude remarks and sexual comments in introduction emails are not the types of men that attract Russian women.


Personalize Them

While it is a huge time saver to send the same introduction letters to every lady you choose, it won’t take too long to personalize a line or two to really make your emails stand out. Including a compliment is always a polite idea, so whether you like a lady’s hair, eyes, or something specific written in her profile, let her know. When you’re ready to send your saved introduction email to a new lady, just rewrite that one simple sentence.


Remember, Russian and Ukrainian brides utilize the introduction email feature as well so some of their first letters to you may sound very general with few details about your profile. Most ladies have a very limited time to visit their agency and use their computers so the introduction emails are a much needed feature that helps simplify their search.


Since so many gentlemen lead busy lives as well, this seemingly small email option is a significant tool to get the gabbing going! Silver, gold, and platinum members can send free introduction emails as one of the many benefits of their premium memberships! Start saying “hello” or “privet” to lots of lovely ladies today!