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The Next Step - Visiting a Russian Woman

9. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

You probably didn’t join HotRussianBrides.com simply to chat with Russian ladies via the internet. That’s why creating a real-life connection between you and the Russian lady of your dreams is our main goal. Meeting your Russian bride for the first time is one of the most exciting steps in online dating. So how do you go about it? Here is an overview of the process.


Intimacy Request and More

A Russian woman must agree to meet with you before any other arrangements can be made. The first step in this process comes through the intimacy request. Once you have gotten to know a particular lady and decided that you would like to meet her, simply send her an intimacy request and, once she accepts the request, you will be able to correspond more freely in order to plan a visit. You have the option of planning the visit on your own or with the assistance of the agency office in the city to which you intend to travel.


Agency Assistance

We recommend having the agency assist with travel arrangements, as going it alone can be tricky, especially with limited knowledge of Russia, the language and the culture. Agencies can assist you with pick-up and drop-off at the airport, meeting arrangements with a lady, translation services, ground transportation, and hotel or apartment accommodations. You will be responsible for flight arrangements.


In order to get in touch with the local agency nearest to the lady you wish to visit, you can contact our HotRussianBrides.com coordinator at alena@hotrussianbrides.com. Our coordinator can give you a referral to the appropriate agency.


Meeting Multiple Ladies

From time-to-time, gentlemen have made arrangements to visit more than one lady while traveling to Russia or Ukraine. If there is more than one Russian woman who catches your interest, you are certainly welcome to visit them both in the same trip. The local agencies can help arrange visits with as many women as you would like to meet.



An estimate of the total cost of meeting a Russian bride abroad can be high, however this varies from person to person. The cost depends on several factors, including how long you wish to correspond with a particular Russian lady before meeting, whether or not you want to send her gifts, the accommodations you use when traveling to meet your lady, the purchase of her fiancé visa and other varying factors.


Having Her Visit You

Normally, it is difficult for Russian and Ukrainian women to obtain travel visas to the country in which a gentleman resides. For this reason, it is usually the case that a gentleman will visit a lady first. Once you have traveled abroad to meet your Russian bride for the first time, she will be eligible for a fiancé visa. Visas usually take from 3-6 months – but sometimes as long as 9 months – to process. However, once granted a visa, it becomes much easier for a lady to travel to you.


Meeting your Russian bride in person for the first time can be an exhilarating experience, but it is one that you must plan carefully for the right lady. Get started in finding the lady you would like to visit on HotRussianBrides.com.