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The Origin of Scams

29. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

With so many beautiful Russian women looking to date foreign men on HotRussianBrides.com, it is understandable that some gentlemen at first glance view our service as too good to be true. Frequently, a word that gets tossed around when gentlemen first encounter our service is the word “scam.” Surely, if you use our site regularly, you will find that the word does not apply to the services we offer.


So where exactly does this word come from?


The Etymology of “Scam”

The word “scam” is a relatively new addition to the modern English vernacular. Its origins are not completely clear, but researchers have traced its first recorded use in a publication to an article that ran in TIME magazine in 1963.


It is believed to have evolved as a slang term used in American carnivals. As a verb, its rough meaning was said to be “to fleece the public,” according to Oxford English Dictionary. It is also theorized that the word may be related to the British word “scamp,” which has been used since the 17th century and refers to a

“cheater” or “swindler.”


HotRussianBrides.com is the Real Thing

Just as carnivals historically were known to feature performers and salespeople who would woo patrons with miracle products and novelty items, today, unfortunately, there are some in the online marketplace who seek to do the same. One of the places in which scams and accusations of scams are most frequent is in the arena of online dating, especially among services that specialize in cross-cultural marriages.


While there are some illegitimate agencies out there, as well as individuals who use services for illegitimate purposes, HotRussianBrides.com stands out among our competition for our commitment to our clients’ safety and security in using our site. Our rapid growth during our service’s seven-year history is a testament to the legitimacy and reliability of the services we provide.


“Blacklists” and Misconceptions

There have been some cases in which dating Web sites have created so-called “blacklists,” in order to slander their competitors. Often, these sites will include stories from men who claim to have been scammed, when a closer examination of their story reveals that they simply had a bad experience with a woman or had a misconception about what the service had to offer.


At HotRussianBrides.com, we take accusations of scams very seriously and look into each of the occasional reports of such incidents. You can learn more about our anti-scam policy here. https://www.hotrussianbrides.com/pub/scammers.asp


These days, the internet is much like a carnival. Ultimately it is the carnival-goer’s responsibility to determine who sells the snake oil and who offers the real thing. Only at HotRussianBrides.com can you rest assured that our beautiful Russian women are real and committed to finding love with a foreign man. Browse our site today and get to know some of the ladies and you will see this for yourself.