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The Pysanka Museum – A Monument to Modern Ukraine

11. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

A Pysanka is a decorated Easter egg; the process of decorating them has been in effect since Ancient times as part of the rituals of spring. As time went on, the decoration of Pysanka has stayed as a major part of the culture and folklore of Ukraine.

The Pysanka Museum was built in the Year 2000 in the city of Kolomyia and contains over 10,000 of the eggs, including ones from almost every Oblast, or District in Ukraine and ones from the 19th and 20th Centuries. Other notable works there include painted eggs from many other countries, celebrating Easter traditions the world over.

The Pysanka Museum is notable not only for being the only museum in the world dedicated to this tradition, but for its building. The main section of the museum’s building is designed and built like a giant Pysanka – standing over 44 feet high and 33 feet wide. Due to its noteworthy architecture and its status as museum to house and promote a major Cultural institution in Ukraine, the Pysanka Museum was noted as a Monument to Modern Ukraine by the Seven Wonders of Ukraine committee.