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The Russian President's Cribs

31. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

With a job that keeps him on the move, the president of Russia naturally requires multiple places throughout the country to which he can retreat. Here is a look at some of the places Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders have called home at one time or another.






The Kremlin Senate Building

Known as the president’s primary working residence, this neoclassical building was commissioned by Catherine the Great in the 18th century and originally housed the Moscow branch of the governing Senate. Today it serves as a headquarters for the president and top members of the president’s administration.

Grand Kremlin Palace

This portion of the Kremlin was constructed in the mid-1800s and served as the tsar’s Moscow residence in the pre-Soviet years. The building (also pictured at top) is known for its lavish interiors, including more than 700 rooms, five reception halls each named for the orders of the Russian Empire (Georgievsky, Vladimirsky, Aleksandrovsky, Andreyevsky, and Ekaterinsky), and an inner courtyard. Presidential meetings with foreign leaders take place at the palace – in 1988, U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhael Gorbachev signed a nuclear weapons treaty in the Vladimirsky Hall. It serves as a “reserve residence” for the president.


As estate in the western suburbs of Moscow, this was recognized as the president’s official suburban residence in 2000. Built in the 1950s, it was previously referred to as the vacation residence of the leaders of Soviet Russia. Although he is no longer president, Vladimir Putin has retained this location as his main residence since Dmitry Medvedev succeed him. Former president Boris Yeltsin did the same during the first year of Putin’s term in 2000.

Other Presidential Pads

The president also keeps 10 vacation residences outside Moscow. They include:


Rus – On a nature reserve, it has hosted many foreign leaders visiting Russia.



Constantine Palace – The president’s St. Petersburg residence.



Bocharov Ruchey – The president’s Southern residence. Established by Vladimir Putin, it includes a park, swimming pool, and private beach.



Other residences:

Volzhskiy Utyos sanatorium – On the shore of Kuybyshev Reservoir.

Sosny – On the bank of the Yenisei River in eastern Russia.

Shuyskaya Chupa – Near Petrozavodsk in northwest Russia.

Uzhin – Near the village of Valday in Novgorod Oblast.

Tantal tourist center - On the bank of the Volga River.

Angarski hutora – Near Irkutsk in eastern Russia.

Maly istok – In the forest near Ekaterineburg.