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The Ukrainian Language Debate

8. October 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

Many gentlemen on our International Dating site have registered confusion – while we’re called HotRussianBrides.com, we also have ladies from other countries including Ukraine, and if this is the case what language do the ladies from Ukraine speak?

While Ukraine’s “official” language is Ukrainian, many people in various parts of that country speak Russian as their first language. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union for many years and policies had the tendency to change over history as to the status of the country’s language. When Ukraine declared their separation from the collapsing Soviet Union, though, they made Ukrainian the official language.

Currently, Ukraine is in an interesting place culturally. While Ukrainian is still the official language of the government, the current President – Viktor Yanukovych – is a native Russian speaker and only speaks Ukrainian as a second language (which caused a few gaffes during his Presidential campaign speeches). The President hails from the working-class Donetsk area in Eastern Ukraine, which is notable for being largely Russian-speaking.


Recent changes passed by the Ukrainian parliament and backed by President Yanukovych have been instrumental in raising the status of the Russian language in Ukraine. Schools will now include Russian language classes and if ratified a recent bill would also allow each region in Ukraine to choose their own preferred official language.

While a small number of people have decried the changes, the majority in Ukraine likely will not be affected too badly. A large amount of Ukrainians speak both languages and can use and understand them interchangeably.

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