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Tools to Help You Succeed at Russian Dating

3. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

While live video streaming, online web hostesses, black book contact management tools, advanced search, and zodiac compatibility are all invaluable features when it comes to searching for and courting Russian women online, there are a few additional resources that can help you succeed in your quest for a Russian bride.


Language Lessons

Naturally, you’ll want to learn a little of your lady’s native language. Not only will she appreciate your efforts, but it will help you better communicate in emails, chats, and best of all, in person!

There are many tools that can help you learn Russian. There are the standard English-Russian dictionaries, of course, as well as language lesson books, CDs, videos, software, and instructional websites. You can also take lessons at a variety of institutions. Here a few links to help you get started.  We do not necessarily endorse these products, but simply think they may be helpful to some members. 


Russian Language Instruction Books
Russian Language Instruction Software
Free Russian Language Instruction Videos on YouTube
Russian Language Instruction Websites


Information about the History, Culture, Geography of Russia and Ukraine

If you’re dating a woman from Russia or the Ukraine it’s helpful to learn the location of major cities and landmarks and to familiarize yourself with the major events that shaped her country. Pay special attention to the city or district your lady is from. In addition, learning about another country’s food, traditions, holidays, etc. is one of the most enjoyable things about dating someone another country so take advantage of this fun and rewarding experience! Here are a few links to educational material.

This Hot Russian Brides blog, of course! Check out the Culture and History, Best Places in Ukraine, and Sports and Politics sections.
Books About Ukraine, Russia
Russian Cookbooks
Movies About Russia, Ukraine
Russian Movies


Russian Dating Tips and Advice

Many gentlemen are unfamiliar with Russian dating and have no idea how to court Russian women or how to use an international dating service like HotRussianBrides. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for members to ask us for advice. That's why we've created the Member Help Center to help members succeed. Here you'll find free eBooks and free HRB podcasts. We currently offer 15 podcast episodes and 4 eBooks covering dating tips, Russian women turn-on/turn-offs, interviews with the customer service staff, and more!


Take advantage of these tools, and others, to improve your chances of finding a Russian bride!