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Topics That Can Scare Off a Russian Bride

24. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russian ladies are warm, friendly and inviting. But, it is still possible to screw things up and scare her off if you say the wrong things. There are a few topics that you should avoid in your conversations with Russian brides. Some examples, and why they are a bad idea:


“I love you” In the First Message

Or the third. It takes time to truly fall in love with someone. You can scare her off by going too serious too soon. Take the time to get to know her and develop strong mutual affection before jumping to the "L" word.


Jealousy Over Other Guys

It is a well-established practice for both ladies and gentlemen on Hot Russian Brides to talk to several people on the site. Ladies typically start with several suitors to increase their odds of finding a love match. They do this to protect themselves from keyboard romeos who never wish to meet, and as a hedge against the gentlemen they are chatting in losing interest and finding another lady. Gentlemen are encouraged to talk to several ladies, as well, to increase their chances. It is off-putting to hassle her about the other gentlemen she speaks with, and can have the opposite effect that you intend. Instead of getting her to stop talking to the other guys, it can cause her to cut off contact with you.


Dating Disappointments

No lady wants to hear about how many other ladies have done you wrong. It makes you sound bitter, which is not an attractive trait. It also comes off like you are putting the blame on her for the misbehavior of other ladies. When you are talking to your Russian sweetheart, do not bring up past romantic disappointments. Focus instead on hopeful topics and the future that you would like to build with her.


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