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Ukraine Around the World: Ukrainian Museum of Canada

19. September 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

For Canadian bachelors living near Saskatoon, or anyone visiting the area, a trip to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada is a must. Founded in 1936 by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, the diverse collection includes one of the largest groupings of ethnic textiles in North America.


It was established as Canada's first Ukrainian museum and serves as a center dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and preservation of Ukrainian heritage in Canada. It is the headquarters museum for a national network of branch museums, which were established in Toronto (1944), Edmonton (1944), Winnipeg (1950) and Vancouver (1957).


"Those women, they got together and they decided that since we have so much interesting things — we have our traditions, we have our clothing, we have our language — and it is really different from what people would have here, so we should get together," explains Krystyna Hudyma, the museum’s curatorial and programming assistant.


Krystyna moved to Saskatoon from Ukraine two years ago to complete a master’s degree in linguistics.


In addition to clothing and linens, the collection also includes thousands of photographs, tools, religious items, wooden carvings, postoly (shoes), jewelry, and thousands of pysanky, the Ukrainian Easter eggs. The library has a wide variety of books, in both Ukrainian and English. It also stores copies of newspapers, journals, and even children's books.


Ukrainian cook books, unique glass paintings, pottery, Orthodox crosses, Byzantine icons, embroidered linens, books, pysanky, Ukrainian CDs, and more are all available for purchase in the gift shop.


Throughout the year, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada hosts many special events including concerts and symposiums, a Ukrainian medieval feast and gala, a bi-annual Yarmarok Christmas Market, the Ukraine Day in the Park Pancake Breakfast, and Pysanky Workshops.


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Source: Montreal Gazette