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"Ukraine Can Feed the World," Becoming Global Economy Leader in Exports

9. January 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

As the breadbasket of Europe, Ukraine’s agricultural business is booming. One in three Ukrainian employees work the land which is covered in rich black soil known for its large quantities of nutrients and superior capacity to hold water.


Now economic experts are predicting that the country will become a global economy leader in exports with more than just grain.


"Today we can say that in the next three to five years the agricultural sector will be a leader of the economy in exports. A number of factors suggest that Ukraine can feed the world and can do it better than others," said Andriy Hordiychuk, Chairman of the Board of Svarog West Group.


"The majority of Ukrainian agricultural companies are still focused solely on grain exports. But the future of the agricultural business in Ukraine is not that. Much more interesting is grain processing and production of meat, milk and other products and their subsequent export," he continued to explain.


He also says that profitability of grain exports in pure form will be reduced. Instead, his company will move towards exports of flour, oil and meal from soybeans to help ensure stable profitability.


The livestock sector will also be growing.


"Over the next two years we plan to increase the milking herd from 3,600 to 8,000 cows, investing about $10 million exclusively in the development of milk production. And in the future, we are going to deal with its processing,” Hordiychuk said.


Source: blackseagrain.net, Photo: svarog west group