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Ukraine Pavilion Attracts Attention at World Expo

5. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Ukraine Pavilion at World Expo 2010

When World Expo Shanghai opened for visitors on May 1st, several pavilions saw people waiting in lines for hours to get glimpses of the cultural celebrations going on inside. For many, sampling authentic, diverse cuisines and admiring traditional dances is well worth the wait.


One that is welcoming 50 guests every 10 minutes is the Russia Pavilion, while those of the United Kingdom, Spain, and Japan are also enjoying large crowds. While these countries’ pavilions are popular, some say they still are not as innovative or as creative as some of the more daringly-designed and attention-grabbing pavilions, such as Ukraine.


The Ukraine Pavilion is covered with brightly colored decorations steeped in symbolism. Large circular drawings are symbols of ancient cultures of local Ukrainian tribes. Whirlpool decorations with snake patterns signify the passing of time and the change of climates; dog patterns drive away evil forces; and the sun is the symbol for endless power. The pavilion’s theme of “From Ancient City to Modern City” is also exhibited inside with displays demonstrating Ukraine’s development from its agricultural time to the modern culture and architectures of the future.


Visitors get to experience Ukrainian traditions by watching traditional folk performances, as well as pottery making, embroidery, painting, and wood engraving. They can also make their very own pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs, to take home as souvenirs!


Not only have the Ukrainians presented a pavilion that’s impressive in its appearance and exhibits, but they have achieved several "firsts" during the preparation process of the World Expo Shanghai. Ukraine is the first to have signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding with Expo organizers, the first group of countries that confirmed their participation, and it is the first to submit a participation contract. Ukraine's idea for participating in the World Expo is to express its achievements in economy, culture, and history to people from around the world, as well as to keep pace with global integration.